Aaron Martin Captures 2013 Bigfoot Jamboree on Video

A young man from Happy Camp, Aaron Martin, has been creating some great videos. Everyone has been raving about how much they enjoyed them. His Bigfoot Jamboree story is one of the best! Subscribe to his YouTube Videos and you’ll see more of the beauty along the wild Klamath River!!


Incidentally, it is time to begin the planning and preparation for Bigfoot Jamboree, August 29-31st 2014. Join the Happy Camp Coordinating Council as they get ready for the best Bigfoot Jamboree to come!

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Fun from the Fantastic Bigfoot Jamboree 2013

Queen Alyssa Algiers was escorted by Travis Ward.

A kind heated Bigfoot or Sasquatch had been captured, but as usual, frequently escaped his cage along the parade route. He was accompanied by beautiful Belle of Beauty and the Beast AKA Bailei Allec. Two trucks were pulling Pirate Boats were from Klamath River Resort Inn & Rafting Lodge with smiling pirates.

Pirates of the Klamath River Resort Inn & Adventure Lodge have been out Adventuring!

The Bigfoot ‘Queen Alyssa was crowned as the queen Friday before the dance by last year’s queen Bailei Allec. Alyssa reigned and rode with two of her princesses, Abigail Eadie and Julia Peters. Frankie Snyder and Ciera Silva also rode in the parade. The Bigfoot ‘Queen Alyssa was crowned as the queen Friday before the dance by last year’s queen Bailei Allec. Alyssa reigned and rode with two of her princesses, Abigail Eadie and Julia Peters. Frankie Snyder and Ciera Silva also rode in the parade. .

For the first time there was a $500 prize for Nonprofits Float. It was a tie between Family Resource Center with a tea party from Alice in Wonderland and the Many princesses who are Girl Scouts. So they each get $250 cash. HC Elementary float was 2nd with a 101 Dalmatian float and Junction School from Somes Bar won 3rd with another 101 Dalmatian float!! :Lots of kids dressed as spotted doggies!

For the first time, there was a category for horses, equestrian, but there were none in the parade So they decided Happy

camp should get into the 20th century, maybe even 21st, and they gave it to “horsepower” category instead, First was Tow-Nader, Doug Robinson, our local towing guy, 2nd was the VW Club from Grants Pass, wearing tie die shirts and driving modified VWs. The third was Kenny McCulley truck with his grandsons Ian and Emmit..

Business Floats first place winner was Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs by Double J, Second place Pixie Haven by Marble Mountain Gift and third place was Peter Pan by Parry’s Market. For the Individual category, Wild Bill won 2 & 3rd ribbons and Kala Whitehouse twirled 2 batons, won first prize trophy again. There was no grand prize overall.

There were Fire trucks from Happy Camp and Seiad Valley, Ambulance and Forest Service trucks, one with Smokey!! At the end were a bunch of shiny antique cars that just came along and didn’t sign up, but added to the Parade. Becky Tiraterra organized the CERT and Neighborhood Watch volunteers to do traffic control. .

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47th Annual Bigfoot Jamboree 2013

Grand Marshal’s, Ms.Dorie (Mary Poppins) and Greg (Bert) McDonald
Photo shared with permission of Crystal Jones. Thank you Crystal!

First of all in Sunday’s parade, Greg and Dorie McDonald were Bert and Mary Poppins with Merry Go Round horses on the back of the vehicle for the Grand Marshal’s. Greg is frequently seen doing custodial work at the High School and around town. However, his first love and the talent for which he has a gift is photography. Greg can catch a bee on a flower, or a robin bathing, or an eagle in flight. He also has turkeys and deer that he has hunted, and brought back alive in living color with his camera as well as the kind that goes in the freezer.. It is really great to see his photos. His wife, Ms Dorie as she is known by the students that she has taught in the high school teaches from a sense of calling and has a passion for the students. Our Ms Dorie as Mary Poppins is a fitting answer for the ad that Jane and Michael Banks draft in the story, asking for a fun, kind-heated and caring person for a nanny, and believes in a spoon full of sugar! While she is fun and caring, and has been known to feed them treats on special occasions she is committed to their learning and being prepared for going on to college or whatever career path they take.. I know that she would appreciate your thoughts and prayers this week as she resumes chemotherapy.

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47th Annual Bigfoot Jamboree is Coming!

The River Park is open to the public to begin to celbrate the 47th annual Bigfoot Jamboree.at

6pm: is also the time when the 103,9 Radio Remote Kickoff Event. This is sponsored by the Karuk Tribe Housing Authority.

6pm: Duke Arwood is also going to arrange a Horseshoe Tournament and that will also begin at the beginning.
6pm:Mushball tounametn will begin at the ball field. 3rd Annual Mushball games will continue throughout the weekend.

7pm:Happy Hour.

7:30pm:Alan Dyar will announce the Bigfoot Jamboree Coronation. After the coronation, and the Queen’s Dance there will be the drawing for the raffle items. How exciting a 42″ flat screen television, a hp laptop pc, and a Craftsman miter saw and numerous other wonderful prizes..

9pm:until 12 am:Friday Dance will be bu DJ VIP Entertainment.

11 am. The Park Opens – Concessions, Vendor Booths

11 to 5 will be Kids Day at the Park!
Water Slide! Mechanical Bull! Obstacle Course! Bounce House!
Sponsored by Marble Mountain Gift Co. and Clinic Pharamacy

Beer Booth Opens

1 pm will be the Cupcake Wars Contest
Fundraiser for the Happy Camp High Cheerleading Squad

4 to 8 will be the Karaoke Contest
Cash Prize of $200, only $5 to enter!
Sponsored by Karuk Tribe and The Pizza House

6 pm will be the Poker Booth
Presented by the State of Jefferson Brotherhood

Horseshoe Tournament Continues

6pm there will be Lawn Mower Races
Presented by the State of Jefferson Mower Racing Club

9 to 12 Saturday Night Dance
Featuring LIVE music from “The Genuine Draft
8 to 10 am Pancake Breakfast
Presented by the AAU Basketball Team

9:30 am will be the 5k Bigfoot Dash Race begins at the River Park Pavilion.
Race-day Registration starts at 8:30am at the Pavilion

9)40 to 10:30 Parade Registration and Staging by the post office.
11 am Bigfoot Parade – Theme is Disney Movies!
Grand Marshalls ~ Ms. Dorie & Greg MacDonald

12 o’clock the Park Opens – Beer Booth, Concessions, Vendor Booths

12 to 4 Kids Bounce House
Fundraiser for the Happy Camp High Cheerleading Squad

12:30 Be sure to be at the Pavilion for the Parade Awards Presentation
Non-profit float Award – $500 Sponsored by Double J Sports & Spirits
Additional awards for Best Business, Best Individual & Best Equestrian

12:30 Lawn Mower Races
Presented by State of Jefferson Mower Racing

1 to 4 LIVE Music from “The Fret Drifters”

2 o;clock begins the 5th Annual Ducky Derby
$5 each or 3 for $10, Cash Prizes! Purchase ducks all weekend at River Park
47th Annual Bigfoot Jamboree ends at 4 pm

The Happy Camp Coordinating Council has put on the Annual Bigfoot Jamboree since a few years after it’s beginning as a Square Dance event and their official website for uptodate announcements is www.bigfootjamboree.org

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